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The Latino List Tries to Document Our Diversity, Achievements

Carolyn Salazar
Latino Fox News
Sep 27, 2011

Photographer and filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders won acclaim three years ago after he directed the The Black List, a series of documentaries featuring prominent African-American leaders.

Now the legendary filmmaker from Miami is tackling Latinos in a new film and multi-media exhibit called The Latino List.

Music sensation Gloria Estefan, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and TV star Eva Longoria are among the 25 Latinos featured in the exhibit and documentary, which premieres on HBO Sept. 29 and on HBO Latino Sept. 28.

A photo and video exhibit of the same name is on display until Dec. 11th at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

Greenfield-Sanders said he tried to include Latinos from all ethnic and professional backgrounds, including authors, politicians and astronauts, as well as big-name artists like America Ferrera.

What Greenfield-Sanders tried to capture in the Latino List, he told Fox News Latino, is important contributions Hispanics have made in this country.

“To me, as a white person from Miami, [I] grew up thinking Latino was Cuban because my world there was Cuban. Then I came to college here in New York and Latino became Puerto Rican. And then I went to graduate school in California and Latino became Mexican,” he said. “So I started to understand that Latino was not so singular. That the Latino culture is very complicated, and very, very diverse, and extremely interesting on so many levels.”

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